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July 19



  • 1826: Georgios Karaiskakis becomes commander in chief of Greek revolutionary forces in Roumeli.
  • 1864: 84 MPs from the Ionian Islands arrive in Athens to take their place in the Hellenic Parliament. They are greeted with enthusiasm by the Athenians.
  • 1972: Bishop Demetrius of Imvros and Tenedos is elected Ecumenical Patriarch. The election was controversial since the favoured candidate, Bishop Meliton of Chalkedon, was bypassed as he did not please the Turkish government.
  • 1973: A Palestinian attacks the offices of El Al in Athens. He captures two hostages but releases them after negotiations with the Greek police.
  • 1974: In a speech at the UN, Archbishop Makarios III calls the coup d'etat of July 15 a "foreign invasion" by Greece that "affects all Cypriots, Greeks and Turks".
  • 1993: The wreckage of an ancient Greek ship is spotted off the coast of Marseille, France.
  • 1994: The oldest wreckage of a classical ancient Greek ship (ca 450 BC) is found off the coast of Kyra-Panagia in the Northern Sporades.
  • 2004: The tramway reappears in Athens after an absence of 44 years.