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Kavala prefecture

Kavala prefecture (Greek: Νομός Καβάλας Nomos Kavalas) is a prefecture in eastern Macedonia. Kavala serves as a capital city but mainly for Thrace because Thrace had no permanent capital. The prefecture includes the island of Thasos. The prefecture is bounded with the Nestos river to the east. Kavala prefecture is the easthernmost in Macedonia. The highest point is at the Pangaion hills which elevates at 1,957 m. The second highest is on Thasos island.



The mountains are the Pangaion hills to the west and the Ypsario mountains on Thasos. The northern portion especially at Karantere are empty and underpopulated. The bounding prefectures and one district of another state (nation) are Serres to the west, Drama to the north, Xanthi to the east. Arable lands are located along the coastline, the northern, the eastern and around the island of Thasos. Thasos has no provinces


The areas that mainly get Mediterranean climate is at the southern, the northern, the eastern portions of the prefecture as well as the island of Thasos. Its climate is mainly continental with cold winters in higher elevations.




Municipality YPES code Seat Postal code Area code ((0)30-)
Chrysoupolis 2311 Chrysoupolis 642 00 25920-2
Eleftheres 2301 Neos Peramos 640 07 25940-2
Eleftheroupolis 2302 Eleftheroupolis 641 00 25940-2
Filippi 2310 Krinides 640 03 2510-51
Kavala 2304 Kavala 650 through 655 2510
Keramoti 2305 Keramoti 640 11 25290-5
Orfani 2307 Galipsos 640 08 25920-4
Oreini 2306 Lekani 640 09 25910-5
Pangaio 2308 Nikisani 640 01 25920-6
Pieris 2309 Moustheni 640 08 25920-9
Thasos 2303 Thasos 640 04 25920-2