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Kilkis (Greek: Κιλκίς, is a prefecture in Central Macedonia, Greece. Its capital is the city of Kilkis.

The territory of the prefecture was ruled by the Ottoman Empire before being taken by Bulgaria in the First Balkan War of 1912. In the Second Balkan War of 1913, the Greek army liberated the area.



The mountains are Paiko to the west, parts of the western part of Kerkini to the northeast and Krousio to the east. Lake Doirani is siuated to the north and shares its eastern portion of the lake. The bounding prefectures and one district of another state (nation) are Serres to the east, the Thessaloniki prefecture to the south, Pella prefecture to the west and the Former Yugoslav Republic of "Macedonia" (FYROM) with the Gevgeli province to the north.


The areas that mainly get Mediterranean climate is at the southern portion by the Axios valley. Its climate is mainly continental with cold winters in higher elevations.


Municipality YPES code Seat Postal code Area code
Axioupoli 2801 Axioupolis 614 00 23830-3
Cherso 2812 Cherso 610 02 23410-5
Doirani 2804 Doirani 610 03 23410-9
Evropos 2805 Evropos 610 02 23430-6
Gallikos 2803 Kabani 611 00 23430-42
Goumenissa 2804 Goumenissa 613 00 23430-4
Kilkis 2806 Kilkis 611 00 23410-2 through 7
Kroussi 2807 Terpyllos 611 00 23410-4
Mouries 2809 Mouries 610 03 23410-31
Pikrolimni 2810 Mikrokampos 570 01 23431-9
Polykastro 2812 Polykastro 612 00 23430-2
Community YPES code Seat Postal code Area code
Livadia 2808 Livadia 614 00 23430-3

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