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Machi (Greek: Μάχη, meaning "Battle" or "Struggle") is a Greek-language Cypriot daily newspaper with close affiliation to right-wing and nationalist ideas. It was founded in 1961 by journalist Nikos Sampson, an active EOKA member and subsequent President of Cyprus following the July 15, 1974 coup, as the voice of his nationalist "Progressive Party".

Historically it has expressed the Enosis view, urging for a complete union to motherland Greece and with a strong anti-colonialist, anti-marxist and anti-Turkish orientation. During the Grivas-Makarios controversy, which dominated the Cypriot politics in the early 1970s, the newspaper fully supported George Grivas and EOKA-B against Archbishop Makarios, who held the presidency and was seen by Greek junta as a pro-communist.

The events of 1974, which culminated in the Turkish invasion of Cyprus isolated Sampson's followers and the newspaper lost nearly all the political influence it had once gathered.

By the late 1990s the paper has moderated its views, and supported Glafkos Clerides and the Democratic Rally party. It is presently owned by Sotiris Sampson, son of Nikos Sampson, who is a member of the Cyprus parliament.

Without abandoning its nationalist view, the paper nowadays reflects the views of Democratic Rally (DISY) dissidents who were opposed to the Annan Plan, against party consensus.

It also staunchly opposes the entrance of Turkey to the European Union and supports the full withdrawal of the Turkish armed forces from the occupied Cypriot territory, either through diplomacy or though military action.

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