Maria Daskalopoulou (Pentayiotissa)

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Maria Pentagiotissa is the name by which Maria Daskalopoulou has gone down in history.

Maria was born ca. 1830 in the mountainous village of Pentagioi, Phocis prefecture and was renowned for her beauty. Legend has it that Queen Amalia herself had made her acquaintance when she toured Phocis and was charmed by her.

Daskalopoulou was involved in love triangles and even jealousies that ended up in the murder of her own brother and soon she was considered outcast from the conservative Central Greek environment that she had been born into. She thus joined a bandit outfit and was soon in trouble with the law. Using her charm, however, and her beauty - which is said not to have left her even in older age - Maria would manage to get out of one scrape after the other. She died ca. 1890.

The life of Maria Pentagiotissa was made into song and even into a film. Much of what we know about her is legend that has passed on with no one knowing for sure how much of it was real and how much was legend.

The song

Στα Σάλωνα σφάζουν αρνιά - Μαρία Πενταγιώτισσα -
και στο Χρισό κριάργια -μωρή Δασκαλοπούλα
και στης Μαρίας την ποδιά σφάζονται παλικάρια
- μωρή Δασκαλοπούλα, εσύ τα ξέρεις ούλα

Sheep are being slaughtered at Salona - Maria Pentagiotissa -
and rams at Chryso - Daskalopoula
But young men are being slaughtered in Maria's arms
Daskalopoula, you know it well...