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Prefecture: Attica
Metropolitan Area: Athens
Location: 38° 3′ 13″ N, 23° 47′ 58″ E

13 km²
Population: (1991)
 - Total
 - Density¹
 - Rank



about 200 m
230 m(centre)
around around 250 m
Postal code: 151
Area/distance code: 11-30-210 (030-210)
-610 through 619, 800 through 809
Statistical code: 0108
Car designation: Y (prev.)
Z pres.
3-letter abbreviation: MSI
Address of administration: 34 Ag. Athanasiou St.
Marousi 151 24

Maroussi or Amaroussi, also Marousi and Amarousi, (Greek, Modern: Μαρούσι, Katharevousa: -on) older forms: Amarousio, Amarousion, Amaroussi, Amaroussio, Amaroussion and Marousion is a suburban city NE of Athens, Greece. It is one of the largest municipalities of Athens. The Athens Olympic Sports Complex, the largest sports complex is Greece, is also there, next to the German School of Athens. Its main street is Kifisias Avenue, and also contains four of the ISAP train stations and two of the Suburban Railway. It is the birthplace of the famous Greek musical actress Aliki Vougiouklaki. ANT1 television station and studios are also located in this community, as are the main offices of the Greek subsidiaries of international corporations Kodak, Bayer, Kimberly-Clark, Coca-Cola and Nestlé. Amarousi dates back to ancient times. It is accessed by Kifissias Avenue.

Its forests are in the northeast and the size is large, the rest of the area is residential with industrial buildings mainly within Kifissias Avenue.

Historical population

Year Municipal population Change Density
1981 48,151 - 3,703.92/km²
1991 64,092 15,941/33.11% 4,930.15/km²


Athletic Clubs

Modern Maroussi

Maroussi is now known as the Financial District of Athens housing many corporate buildings as well as many modern facilities and infrastructures. It is full of modern low-rise office builings and could possibly be the first area of Athens to approve of Highrise construction since the 1980s.

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North: Pefki, Kifissia
West: Heraklio, Pefki Marousi/Amaroussi East: Vrilissia, Melissia
South: Filothei (SE), Chalandri