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Mimis Plessas (composer)

Mimis Plessas is a Greek composer whose career spans more than 50 years.

Plessas was born in Athens on October 12, 1924. He studied Physics at the University of Athens with post-graduate studies in the United States.

At a young age he became the main piano player for the Greek National Radio Institute (EIR). In 1951, he was honoured with first prize for music by the University of Minnesota. The following year, he began composing music. Four years later, he began conducting orchestras.

Plessas has written music for the recording industry, the cinema (with over 100 films to his credit), the theatre and even radio and television series. He has conducted many orchestras both in Greece and abroad. Among the singers who have sung his songs are included: Tonis Maroudas, Jenny Vanou, Marinella, Yiannis Poulopoulos, Tolis Voskopoulos and Stratos Dionysiou. He has been honoured many times, both in Greece and abroad, for his contributions to music over a period spanning more than 50 years.

Some of his songs

  • Θα κλέψω τα τριαντάφυλλα
  • Αν σ' αρνηθώ αγάπη μου
  • Τι κρίμα
  • Η πρώτη μας νύχτα
  • Οι χάντρες
  • Βρέχει πάλι απόψε
  • Η Μυρσίνη βάζει τ' άσπρα
  • Μέθυσ' απόψε το κορίτσι μου
  • Απόψε σε θέλω
  • Άμα δείτε το φεγγάρι
  • Θα πιω απόψε το φεγγάρι
  • Ξημερώνει Κυριακή
  • Όλα δικά σου
  • Πέρα στα παλιά σαράγια
  • Βρέχει φωτιά στη στράτα μου

and many, many others!