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Miss Manager (Greek Δεσποινίς Διευθυντής) was a Greek film released by Finos Films in 1964.


Professor Georgiadis, the manager of an architectural firm, takes a leave of absence. He is replaced by a young, single, no-nonsense woman named Lili Vasiliou.

Architect Alekos Samiotakis returns to the office, from a business trip, unaware of the replacement. He proceeds to flirt with Miss Vasiliou in the same fashion he flirts with the office girls but is promptly put in his place by the new manager.

Opposites attract in this film and both Alekos and Lili eventually discover they have strong feelings for each other. They both try to change to appeal to one another: Alekos decides to ditch the flirty woman he has been dating and spend more time in study and business-related seminars; Lili decides - with the "help" of her twice-divorced cousin Athena - to become more feminine.

Finally, after a disastrous business party where Lili gets drunk and Alekos is arrested after a jealousy-inspired fist fight, the two confess their love for each other.