November 10

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  • 1862: Athenians take to the streets in support of the candidacy of Prince Alfred of England to take over the Greek throne. The British will not allow Alfred to accept the honour.
  • 1913: The Ottoman government shuts down the operations of seven Greek newspapers.
  • 1954: Georgios Grivas arrives secretly in Cyprus with the aim of organising and starting the struggle for Enosis against the British.
  • 2009: The new airport of Larnaca begins operations.


  • 1965: Panathinaikos draw 0-0 with Ferencvaros, in Budapest, for the Champions' Cup. The away draw was considered a great result as Ferencvaros were very powerful at the time.
  • 2002: In the match between Ionikos FC and OFI, Sophia Grillaki becomes the first Greek woman assistant referee in the history of the Alpha Ethniki.