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November 22


  • 1836: King Otto of Greece marries Princess Amalie in Oldenburg, Germany.
  • 1920: Leonidas Paraskevopoulos is replaced by Anastasios Papoulas as Commander in Chief of Greek forces in Asia Minor.
  • 1940: The Greek army on the counter-offensive enters Korytsa in World War II.
  • 1945: Themistoklis Sofoulis forms a government.
  • 1957: The elementary school diploma becomes a necessary certification for any kind of job in Greece. More evening schools are created to combat illiteracy.
  • 1962: Archbishop Makarios III visits Ankara.
  • 2006: The teleconferencing method is used for the first time with court witnesses in Greece. They testified from Piraeus by live video link to a court in Finland hearing the appeal of a Greek shipping firm over the foundering of a vessel off Finland in 1993 which caused an environmental disaster.