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Olympiakos Lefkosia FC

Olympiakos Lefkosia is a Cypriot football club that was founded in 1931 in downtown Lefkosia (Nicosia) by a group of young people interested in athletics, music and camping (the club's emblem is a tent).

The founding of the club took place around the time of the pro-Enosis demonstrations and troubles in Cyprus that were put down with brute force by the British colonial authorities. It was only months later that the British shut down the club as many of its members had participated in the demonstrations. Olympiakos were able to resume operations after a year.

Olympiakos Lefkosia were among the founder clubs of the Cyprus Football Association in 1934 and participated in the Cypriot Football A Division since that year.

During the EOKA struggle (1955 - 1959), many members of the club's youth movement participated in the struggle. The result was that on June 7, 1958, Turkish-Cypriot extremists burned down the club's offices with no intervention from the British authorities. The new offices stand close to the green line which separates the Greeks and Turks in Cyprus.

The club's colours are green and black with the proviso that as soon as Enosis is achieved, the black colour shall be removed.

Olympiakos participated in the Greek League in 1968, 1970 and 1972.



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Did you know?

Olympiakos Lefkosia were the first team in the Greek League to allow their goalkeeper - Andreas Filotas- to take their penalty kicks.