Pantelis Horn

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Pantelis Horn was a Greek writer and poet.

Horn was born in 1881, in Trieste, to an Austrian-Jewish father (Dimitri Horn) and a Greek Orthodox mother (Matina Kountourioti, grand-daughter of Lazarus Kountouriotis). He entered the Greek Naval Academy and was commisioned an officer in 1899. During the First Balkan War, his unit liberated Imvros in 1912. He retired from the Navy in 1926.

Horn's true love, however, was writing. After retiring from the Navy, he was a journalist by profession. He also wrote many theatrical works both dramas and comedies. Horn also wrote poems, some with a Jewish theme.

Many of Horn's works were controversial as to their realistic language and their subject matter (E.g. sexual impotence, etc.).

Horn died in Athens in 1941.

His son Dimitris Horn was a famous actor.

His Works

  • Priceless (1906)
  • To Fyntanaki (1921)
  • Dalmanopoula (1923)
  • Flantro (1925)
  • Meltemaki (1927)
  • Eva (1932)