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The Growth of the City
Between the first (1896) and the recent (2004) modern Olympic Games in Athens the city of Kallithea grew significantly. First the tramway depot and workshop were built there (1910) followed by the Harokopios Graduate School (1925) and the Panteios Graduate Scholl of Political Sciences (1928).
In the 1920s the town was flooded by the thousands of refugees after the [[Greco-Turkish War (1919-1922)]], the Asia Minor Catastrophe (1922) and the [[Treaty of Lausanne]] (1923). These refugees arrived in Kallithea mainly from the south Black Sea ([[Pontus]], from [[Ancient Greece|ancient Greek]] cities such as [[Sinope]] (Sinop, Turkey), [[Sampsus ]] (Samsun), Kerasus [[Cerasus]] (Giresun), [[TrapezousTrapezus]]-[[Trebizond]] (Trabzon), Tripolis (Tirebolu), Argyroupolis ( Gümüshane) and other remnants of the late [[Byzantine Empire]].
A few had arrived earlier (1919) from the north and east (russian) coasts of the Black Sea, from places such as Odessos (Odessa), Marioupolis (Mariupol', Sea of Azov) and other, after the failed attempt of the western allies (Greece included) against the young Bolshevik state during the Russian Civil War.