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Agios Dometios

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=== Parks ===
Agios Dometios has four [[parks]]. The Missing in Action park, which is dedicated to the Agios Dometios residents that went missing during the Turkish Invasion and are still MIA and is located opposite the Coca Cola factory, the Agios Dometios park which is located near the checkpoint into the occupied area, the Agios Pavlos park which is near the Junior High and the newest built park which is dedicated to the National Guard, and is also near the Junior High.
=== Olympic torch relay ===
The [[2004 Summer Olympics|2004 Athens Olympics]] chose Cyprus as one of the [[2004 Olympic Torch Relay|torch]] destinations during its world wide tour. As a matter of fact, Cyprus was the last stop before the torch returned to [[Greece]] and the only country that the torch remained in for more than one day. On [[July 8 ]] [[2004 ]] the torch came to Agios Dometios and a total of 5 runners, carried it through the town.
== '''Twinned cities''' ==
Agios Dometios is a twinned city to with [[Agios Nikolaos]] of [[Crete]], [[Greece]].
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