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Giorgos Papandreou

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''For George Papandreou's grandfather, also called '''George Papandreou''', see [[George Papandreou, senior]].''
'''Giorgos''' (or '''George''') '''Andrea Papandreou''' ([[Greek language|Greek]]: Γιώργος Α. Παπανδρέου) (born [[June 16]], [[1952]] in St. Paul, Minnesota), is a Greek politician who was Foreign Minister of Greece from [[1999]] to [[2004]] and is Prime Minister as of October [[2009]]. The son and grandson of Greek prime ministers, Papandreou became the leader of the [[PASOK|Panhellenic Socialist Movement]] (PASOK) party in February [[2004]]. On [[7 March]] Papandreou led PASOK to defeat in the Greek national elections against [[New Democracy]]'s [[Costas Karamanlis]] but on [[October 4]], [[2009]], decisively won the rematch, and was elected Prime Minister.
[[Image:Simitis-papandreou-5.jpg|thumb|300px|left|[[Costas Simitis]] and [[Giorgos Papandreou]] at [[PASOK]]'s 7th Convention that took place from 6 to 8 February, [[2004]]. The proceedings commenced with the unanimous approval of George Papandreou's candidacy for the Presidency of the party and Kostas Simitis' farewell speech.]]

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