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  • ...cording to it, George was born to a Christian family during the late [[3rd century]]. His father was from [[Cappadocia]] and served as an officer of the army. ...lyte Delehaye of the scholarly Bollandists to be a palimpsest of the [[5th century]], 'full beyond belief of extravagances and of quite incredible marvels'.
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  • ...[[1971]]) was one of the most important [[Greece|Greek]] poets of the 20th century. He also pursued a career in the Greek foreign service, culminating in his ...eate in [[1979]]). His nationality, and the role he had played in the 20th century renaissance of Greek literature and culture, were probably a large contribu
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  • ...rch|Orthodox]] family of intellectuals and acclaimed professionals of 19th-century Greece. He holds both French and Canadian citizenships. ...0ό αἰῶνα - Athens, Hestia, 1978. (2nd edition supplemented : Hestia, 1990. 3rd edition: Hestia, 1998).
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