Spiros Zagoreos

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Spiros Zagoreos was a Greek Laika singer.

Zagoreos was born in Piraeus on June 23, 1928. He started singing at age 20 and started recording in 1952. His partner in song - as well as in life - was his wife Zoe Zagoreou.

His songs

  • Καροτσέρη τράβα - Drive on, Coachman!
  • Προσευχή - Prayer
  • Η προσευχή μου έπιασε - My Prayer was answered
  • Ντόλτσε Βίτα - Dolce Vita
  • Στης Λαρίσης το Ποτάμι - In the River of Larisa
  • Ούτε μιλάει, ούτε λαλάει - She doesn't talk, she doesn't speak
  • Έχω μάθει να πονώ - I've learned to suffer
  • Η αγάπη χρόνια δεν κοιτά - Love is blind to age
  • Δεν υπάρχει μεγαλύτερη φωτιά - There's no greater fire
  • Θα σ' εκδικηθώ - I'll get revenge