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Spyros Kalogirou

Spyros Kalogirou was a Greek stage and screen actor who normally portrayed the "bad guy" in his roles.

Kalogirou was born in Kypseli, Athens, on November 3, 1922. He studied in the Drama School of the Greek Odeum. In 1952, he married actress Evangelia Samiotaki who was 12 years his junior. The couple had one son.

Kalogirou played in about 60 Greek films, mostly playing the villain. He portrayed "Mavros" in "Lola", a 1964 film, in which he uttered his famous phrase "Πολλά τα λεφτά, Άρη" ("There's too much money involved, Aris") when asked if it was necessary to duel with switchblades by Nikos Kourkoulos' character.

Kalogirou died on June 27, 2009.