Stathis Tsanaktzis

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Stathis Tsanaktzis was a goalkeeper, born in 1934 in the Ioannina area.

Tsanaktzis joined Apollon Athens in 1957 from Atromitos Ioannina. He played for "The Light Brigade" until the 1960 season when he transferred to Olympiakos (1961 - 1964) to replace Savvas Theodoridis.

Tsanaktzis' trademark was his flat hat (τραγιάσκα) and his very loud "I got it!" cries which spread fear even among his own defenders.

During his football career, Tsanaktzis was capped 4 times by the National Football Team of Greece.

Following his football career, Tsanaktzis devoted himself full-time to his job as a supervisor with the Greek Public Electric Company (DEI). He died on February 1, 2002.