Stavros Xarchakos

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Stavros Xarchakos is a Greek composer, considered by many to be "the third great Greek composer" after Mikis Theodorakis and Manos Hadjidakis.

Xarchakos was born in Athens on March 14, 1939. He studied music in Athens, Paris and New York.

In 1963 Xarchakos wrote the music for "Red Lights", a film which starred Jenny Karezi. His success established him as a composer for film music and his next great hit was "Χάθηκε το Φεγγάρι" ("The Moon has disappeared") for another Karezi film: "Lola". During his career, he composed the music for 21 films including his greatest success "Rebetiko". Xarchakos has also written the music for 15 Television productions, an ancient tragedy and an international ballet. He has worked with poets and lyrisists such as Lefteris Papadopoulos, Iakovos Kambanellis, Vangelis Goufas and many others.

He is currently the director of the National Orchestra of Greek Music.

His Songs

  • Άπονη Ζωή - Heartless Life
  • Άσπρη μέρα - Bright Day
  • Βάλε κι άλλο πιάτο στο τραπέζι - Put another Dish on the Table
  • Γιατί θαρρείς με κέφι - Why do you think with Gusto
  • Δεν σού χρωστάω τίποτα - I owe you nothing
  • Κόκκινα φανάρια - Red Lights
  • Μάτια βουρκωμένα - Teary Eyes
  • Όνειρο δεμένο - Tied-up Dream
  • Καισαριανή - Kaisariani
  • Στα χέρια σου μεγάλωσαν - In you Arms they grew up
  • Στου Όθωνα τα χρόνια - In the days of King Otto
  • Τα δάκρυά μου είναι καυτά - My Tears are hot
  • Χάθηκε το Φεγγάρι - The Moon has disappeared
  • Χόρεψαν τ’ άσπρα πουλιά - The white Birds danced