Zoras Tsapelis

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Zografos "Zoras" Tsapelis (Greek Ζώρας Τσάπελης) was a Greek stage and film actor.

Tsapelis was born on the island of Salamina, in 1921. He studied at the Drama School of the National Theatre and made his stage debut in the 1945 in "The Inspecter" of Gogol.

He made his screen debut in 1946, in the film "Free Slaves" («Αδούλωτοι Σκλάβοι»). He became well-known in the 1960s and 1970s playing secondary roles usually as a professional (psychiatrist, doctor, politician, etc.) or an army officer.

He died in Athens on January 11, 2002.

His best known films include:

  • With a glow in their eyes («Με τη λάμψη στα μάτια») 1966
  • Society at zero hour («Κοινωνία Ωρα Μηδέν») 1966
  • A concert for machine guns («Κοντσέρτο για πολυβόλα») 1967
  • Visibility zero («Ορατότης μηδέν») 1969
  • When the city dies («Όταν η πόλις πεθαίνει») 1969
  • In the name of the law («Εν ονόματι του Νόμου») 1970
  • High treason («Εσχάτη προδοσία») 1971
  • The blackmailers («Οι Εκβιασταί») 1972
  • A matter of conscience («Θέμα συνειδήσεως») 1973