Renewing Communist Ecological Left

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The Renewing Communist Ecological Left (Greek Ανανεωτική Κομμουνιστική Οικολογική Αριστερά acronym AKOA) is a Communist-oriented political party in Greece.

The party was originally known at the Communist Party of Greece (Interior) - Renewing Left and was formed when the Communist Party of Greece of the Interior (KKE Interior) broke up after its 4th Congress. The more moderate elements, under party leader, Leonidas Kyrkos, went on to form the Greek Left.

In 1991, the party was given its present name. In the 2000 Parliamentary elections, AKOA supported Synaspismos while from 2004 onwards they have supported the Coalition of the Radical Left.

AKOA were headed by Yiannis Banias until his death on March 29, 2012.