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Imathia (Greek: Ημαθία) is one of the fifty-one prefectures of Greece. It is located in the west-central part of Macedonia. The prefecture has two provinces. The prefecture is bounded with Pieria to the south, Kozani to the west, Pella to the north and Thessaloniki to the east. The delta of the Aliakmon which is the shortest boundary with the coastling with the Thermaic Gulf to the east.

The capital city of Imathia is the city of Veria (Verroia) better known to New Testament readers as "Beroea".


Its geography include mountains are parts of Pierian Mountains to the southeast and the Vermio mountains to the west. Much of the area are the valley areas. The longest river is the Aliakmon river which flows to the south and east. The reservoir is partially bounded with Kozani.


The agriculture are rich in peach crops and some strawberries and the production is large. The jam Naoussa is the main and famous production of agriculture and jams.


Its climate is mainly of Mediterranean climate with hot summers and cold winters. In most of the central part and the western part receives winter weather especially in the hills and the Vermio mountains.



Municipality YPES code Seat Postal code Area code
Alexandria 1801 Alexandria 593 00 23330-2
Anthemia 1802 Kopanos 590 35 23320-41
Antigonides 1803 Kavasila Imathias 591 00 23310-39
Apostolos Pavlos 1804 Makrochori 590 33 23310-41
Dovras 1807 Agios Georgios 591 00 23310-51
Eirinoupoli 1808 Eirinoupoli 590 34 23320-4
Makedonida 1809 Rizomata 591 00 23310-9
Meliki 1810 Meliki 590 31 23310-81
Naoussa 1811 Naoussa 592 00 23320-2
Platy 1812 Platy 590 32 2330-63
Vergina 1805 Vergina 590 31 23310-92
Veria (Verroia) 1806 Veria 591 00 23310

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