Aegaleo (mountain)

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Elevation: 469
Latitude: 38° N
Longitude: 23.7/23°41" E
Location: southern Attica
Distance|Length: approx. 20 km, north to south
approx. from 3 to 5 km from east to west
Easiest route: climb

Aegaleo (Greek Αιγάλεω Aigáleo, Latin Aegaleus), also Aigaleo and Egaleo, is a mountain in Greece. It is situated west of Athens, southeast of Eleusis, east of the island of Salamis and northwest of Piraeus. Most of the mountain is rocky. It is shorter than Hymettus. Most of the forest is to its north where the monastery Daphni (Daphnion) is located. It is also a park in its north. This is a range which surrounds the tiny coast southwest of Chaidari.

Towns and places surround the mountain are Perama, Piraeus, Drapetsona, Nikaia, Korydallos (Corydallos), the highway, and Chaidari. The subway now connects the area after opening its first station after reducing Iera Odos (Sacred Way) into two lanes in 2002-2003.

A highway linking GR-8 and Piraeus runs through this mountain range. Refineries of Skaramangas is in the north. The new bypass on the northwestern part of the range which is part of the Attiki Odos superhighway system, the Aegaleo Ring (Number 65) which was opened on January, 2004 along with the rest of the superhighway northwest of the range. The ring presently doesn't have full access with Athinon Avenue and GR-8 yet but contains two interchanges of which two of them are single access interchanges.

On December 19, 2004, hailstorms hit Aegaleo again and it reminded some like snow. It skidded some cars and caused troubles in traffic.

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