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Phanari, Fanar (Greek Φανάρι, Turkish Fener) is a historical, exclusive residential area, in Constantinople (today Istanbul), named so because of the Phanari (Faros) that existed there since before the 11th century. There are numerous historic wooden houses, Byzantine churches, and synagogues, for example the Church of "Panagia ton Moggolion" known as "Παναγια η Μουχλιοτησα" build 1261.

After the Fall of Constantinople in 1453, the Sultan Mehmet assigned the area to Greeks and in 1603, the sit of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of the Orthodox Church was also transfered there.

After the 17th century[1], Phanari was the address of many rich and influential families, mostly Greek, and they were known as Phanariotes. The most influential Phanariot families were: Kantakouzenos, Mavrocordatos, Karatzas (Caradja), Callimachi, Ghyka (Ghica), Soutso (Sutu) , Aristarchi, Rangabe, Vlastos, Argyropoulos, Mourousis (Moruzi), Rosetti (Ruset), Ralli, Mavrogeni and others. Many individuals were appointed voivodes (Princes) of Wallachia or/and Moldavia by the Sultan.

The name comes from Greek "Fanari" (φανάρι) meaning lantern.[2] During the city's Byzantine period, there was within the district a columnar monument, topped with a lantern.

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