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February 22

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*[[1841]]: [[Crete|Cretans]] revolt against Ottoman rule.
*[[1897]]: [[Crete|Cretans]] battle against Turks in [[Ierapetra]].
*[[1935]]: The trial of a bandit and several high officials of the Police force over the [[1933]] assassination attempt on [[Eleftherios Venizelos|Venizelos]]' life begins.
*[[1943]]: Students strike in occupied [[Athens]].
*[[1959]]: The British release all political prisoners in [[Cyprus]].*[[1966]]: Aristides Pangratidis is convicted as the serial killer "the ogre of Seikh Sou" and sentenced to death.*[[2004]]: [[Archbishop of Athens|Archbishop]] [[Christodoulos]] calls the [[Annan Plan for Cyprus|Annan Plan ]] "anti-Greek" and claims it will lead to the de-hellenisation of [[Cyprus]].===Sports===*[[2000]]: [[Panathinaikos]] qualify for women's European Volleyball Cup final four for the second time in their history after beating Sherkashi 3-0*[[2009]]: [[Panathinaikos BC|Panathinaikos]] win the [[Greek Basketball Cup]] for the fifth year running by defeating [[Olympiakos BC|Olympiakos]] 80-70.*[[2012]]: [[Kostas Douvalidis]] breaks the Greek record for the 60m hurdles with 7.63. ==Births==*[[1922]]: [[Apostolos Santas]], member of the [[Greek Resistance]] who lowered the swastika from the [[Acropolis, Athens]].*[[1928]]: [[Grigoris Afxentiou]], hero of the [[EOKA]] struggle.*[[1982]]: [[Dimitris Binazis]], singer
*[[1956]]: [[Alexandros Svolos]], politician, head of the "Government of the Mountains"
*[[1973]]: [[Katina Paxinou]], actress

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