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Messenian Gulf

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The '''Messenian Gulf''' (Greek: '''Μεσσηνιακος Κόλπος''' ''Messiniakos Kolpos'') is a sea that is part of the [[Ionian Sea]]. The gulf covers the [[Messenia]] or Messinia and the southwestern part of [[Laconia]] prefectures. The [[Taygetus]] mountain covers the eastern portion of the gulf and are surrounded by hills, more mountains covers the western part and farmlands which are part of the Pamisos plain surrounds the northern part and the [[Pamisos River]] river flows near the middle. Roads includes encircling the gulf includes the [[Kalamata-Areopoli Road]] which used to be an ancient highway of Kalamata, [[Sparta]], [[Megalopolis]] and [[Patra]], [[Greece Interstate 82|GR-82]] to the north and the [[Koroni-Messini Road]] to the west. The port of Kalamata is located to the northeast as well as the city of [[Kalamata]]. The [[Dirou Cave]] that is famous lies to the southeast.
The gulf boundary are at [[Venetiko]] Island to the west and Cape [[Cape Tainaro]] to the southeast.
==Places by the gulf==

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