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Nikolaos Zachariadis

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'''Nikolaos Zachariadis''' ([[1903]]-[[1973]]) was the General Secretary of the [[Communist Party of Greece]] ([[KKE]]) from [[1931]] to [[1956]].
Born in [[AdrianopoleAdrianople]] in 1903, the son of an employee of the Ottoman tobacco monopoly. He worked as a seaman on the Black Sea, where he came under the influence of the Bolshevik Revolution. He studied at the Communist University of the Toilers of the East (KUTV) in Moscow.
In 1923, he was sent back to Greece to organise the [[Federation of Communist Youths of Greece]] (OKNE). Imprisoned, he subsequently fled to the Soviet Union. In [[1931]], he was sent back to Greece to restore order in the highly factionalised KKE and in the same year (other accounts claim [[1935]]), he was appointed, by order of Stalin and the Comintern, General Secretary of KKE.

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