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Milon of Kroton

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'''Milo''' or '''Milon of Croton''' ([[Greek language|Greek]]: Μίλων ο Κροτωνιάτης) (late [[6th century BC]]) was the most famous of [[Ancient GreeceGreeks|Greek]] athletes in Antiquity.
He was born in the Greek colony of [[Croton]] in [[Magna Graecia ]] (southern Italy). He was a six time [[Ancient Olympic Games|Olympic]] victor; once for Boys Wrestling in [[540 BC]] at the 60th Olympics, and five time wrestling champion at the 62nd through 66th Olympiads. He also won first place seven times at the [[Pythian Games]], nine times at the [[Nemean Games]] and ten times at the [[Isthmian Games]].
Milon kept on competing, even well after what would have been considered a normal Olympic Athlete's prime: by the 67th Olympiad, he would have been over 40 years of age. Milon failed to win that particular time because, according to [[Pausanias (geographer)|Pausanias]], he did not want to do so as his opponent, Timasitheos, was also from Croton quite possibly a student of his.

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