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Loukianos Kilaidonis

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[[Image:Lucianos_kilaidonis_hi.jpg|thumb|350px|Loukianos Kilaidonis]]
'''Loukianos (''Lucianos'') Kilaidonis''' was born in [[Kypseli]], [[Athens]] on [[July 15]], [[1943]]. He studied and finished the a course at the Architecture School of Metsobio [[Metsovio Polytechnic School]], but never worked as an architect.
In the beginning of the 70s he wrote his first music piece, which iwas for a theatre play by [[Kostoula Mitropoulou]] called '''''Our City'''''. The songs in the record released are sung by [[Vicki Mosholiou]] and [[Manolis Mitsias]].
He composed music for the movies: ‘The Hunters’ and ‘The Theatre Crew’ by Theodoros Aggelopoulos, ‘Eleftherios Venizelos’ by [[Pantelis Voulgaris]] and ‘The Atheanians’ by [[Vasilis Alexakis]]. Also he composed music for many TV series.
Throughout these years Loukianos staged many concerts in the whole of [[Greece]] and [[Cyprus]]. The most well known of all is the famous ‘Party in Vouliagmeni Beach’, that took place in [[1983]] and was attended by approximately 70.000 people. The ‘Party in Vouliagmeni Beach’ was considered as the Greek ‘Woodstock’. In this Loukianos was the first artist who organised an event in a natural environments out of courts and theatres. The last years in his concerts he adds many theatrics and visual elements, turning them more into musical theatre plays, the show ‘Oh! My sweet home country’ in Lycabetus Theatre in the summer of [[1993]], was named as the first Greek public musical. This show was also presented in [[Cyprus]], [[Rhodes]], and New York with great success.
Another theatrical show of his is ‘Our Best Years’ written by [[Vangelis Goufas]].
His last recorded work is: ‘New Kipseli – New Orleans’ that came out from his collaboration with the famous band from New Orleans: The Preservation Hall Jazz Band.
From [[1995]] and until [[1999]] he developed with his wife [[Anna Vagena]] their own Art Venue ‘Metaxourgeio’, in a completely renovated old building, that is located in the centre of Athens. This space is where they represent all there current theatrical and musical creations, and it started working in October [[1999 ]] with the presentation of the show ‘Microastica’ by Lucianos Kilaidonis and Giannis Yiannis Negrepontis.
While he still has concerts in Greece and abroad he mainly presents musical shows in ‘Metaxourgeio’. These include Celebration for the welcoming of [[2000]], musical show with a title ‘The West meet the East’ with rebetika songs and songs from Smyrna, with the group of Nikos and Jasmine Saragouda, a musical show titled ‘Diamonds in the Mud’ and ‘Happy 1950’ with Greek Jazz of composers from the 40s-50s with the band Take The Money And Run, and other.
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