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'''Tavros''' ([[Greek language|Greek]]: Ταύρος, which means "bull"), is a suburb in the southwestern part of [[Athens]], [[Greece]]. Athens is not far to the east and is 4 km from the town centre and 3 km from the boundary. It is also located 1 km from Konstantinopouleos Street, 6 km E of downtown Piraeus, about 4 km E of [[Cephissus River (Athens)|Kifissos]] Avenue/[[Greece Interstate 1|GR-1]]/[[E75]] northbound and about 1 km N of [[Andreas Syngrou|SyngrouAvenue]] Avenue.
The area was made up of farmlands and some forests dominated the northern part of the area. The forests, filled with leafy trees including tall ones, are aligned with the [[SPAP]] railway linking [[Piraeus]] and [[Patras]] and [[Thessaloniki]] and within the main street, Piraios Street (GR-86), an old road linking downtown Athens and Piraeus. The area was of mixed farming which included pastures, vegetables and groves. Forests were to the east. In the [[1900s]] and the [[1920s]], urban development replaced much of the farmlands. Today, much of the municipality is residential. The industrial area is to the north.

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