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John Modinos

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'''John Modinos''' was a [[Cypriot]] opera singer (baritone).
Modinos was born near in [[1927]], in [[Omodos]], [[Lemesosprovince]], [[Cyprus]]. He emigrated to the United States after [[World War II]] where he studied Music, obtaining a Masters Degree.
Modinos taught at the Universities of Bremen and, later, Zurich where he settled in [[1963]], singing in the local opera.
He sang alongside Placido Domingo, Luciano Pavarotti, Beverley Sills, etc. He sang Rigoletto 223 times, throughout the world, many times alongside accompanying Pavarotti.
Modinos served as Manager of the Athens Opera. He was honoured , among others, by [[Patriarch]] [[Athenagoras of Constantinople|Athenagoras]] and Greek President [[Kostis Stefanopoulos]].
He died at age 83 on [[January 11]], [[2011]] in [[Athens]], [[Greece]]. He had been married, just two years earlier, to a 32-year old Romanian soprano named Roxana Cetali.
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