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March 11

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*[[1981]]: An earthquake measuring 5.6 on the Richter scale, strikes [[Epirus]]
*[[1991]]: The trial for the [[Bank of Crete]] scandal begins with [[Giorgos Koskotas]] as the chief defendant.
*[[2020]]: Schools and nurseries throughout Greece are closed for two weeks due to the Coronavirus.
*[[2008]]: [[Olympiakos FC|Olympiacos CFP]] parts company with head coach [[Takis Lemonis|Panagiotis Lemonis]] despite the club lying in second place in the Super League. This was the second time they called it splits, the first was in 2002.
*[[2012]]: [[Dimitris Chondrokoukis]] wins gold in the [[high jump]] in the world indoor [[track and field]] Championships in [[Istanbul]] as he clears 2.33m.
*[[2018]]: The Greek [[football (soccer)|football]] league match between [[PAOK FC|PAOK]] and [[AEK FC|AEK]] is abandoned in the 89th minute of play after [[PAOK FC|PAOK]] owner, [[Ivan Savvidis]], invades the pitch, wearing a holstered gun, and threatens referee [[Giorgos Kominis]].
*[[1922]]: [[Cornelius Castoriadis]], Marxist philosopher.
*[[1951]]: [[Tasos Konstantinou]], footballer
*[[1985]]: [[Stelios Malezas]], footballer
*[[1949]]: [[Anastasios Charalabis]], interim Prime Minister of Greece.
*[[1978]]: [[Sophia Vembo]], the "National Singer".
*[[2012]]: [[Nikos Dadinopoulos]], actor
*[[2012]]: [[Domna Stamiou]], folk singer

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