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May 20

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*[[1962]]: [[AEK FC|AEK]] score one of the greatest away wins in [[Alpha Ethniki]] history as they demolish [[Panelefsiniakos FC|Panelefsiniakos]] 8-3. [[Kostas Nestoridis]] scores four of the goals, [[Andreas Stamatiadis]] two with [[Aris Tsachouridis]] and [[Dimitris Zagylos]] contributing the other two.
*[[2015]]: [[APOEL FC|APOEL]] defeat [[AE Limassol FC|AE Limassol]] 4-2 to lift the [[Cyprus Football Cup]]. The match was halted for 40 minutes when [[AE Limassol FC|AEL]] fans threw debris on the pitch. Afterwards, the [[Larnaca]] fire department had to respond to ten calls as the same fans lit fires throughout the city.

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