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Proodeftiki FC

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Proodeftiki has had several stints in the [[Football A Division]] of the National Championship starting from the very first (1959 - [[1960]]). Their best season was [[1965]] when, as a newly-promoted team, they finished 4th shocking [[Olympiakos FC|Olympiakos]] in the process 3-0 in [[Karaiskaki Stadium]].
They will be playing currently ([[2021]]) play in the Greek [[Football C Division|C' Division]] in [[2012]], having been promoted from [[Football D Division|D' Division]] at the end of the [[2011]] season.
*[[Lazaros Vergidis]]
*[[Stamatis Vourdamis]]
*[[Miltos Vrekousis]]
*[[Gerasimos Yermenis]]

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