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1971 European Cup Final

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[[Image:Ajax-after.jpg|thumb|right|250px|Crowds greeting the Ajax team in Amsterdam]]
On The 1971 European Cup Final (Greek: Τελικός Κυπέλλου Πρωταθλητριών 1971) was a football match between Ajax of the Netherlands and Panathinaikos of Greece οn [[June 2]], [[1971]], the most glorious page in the history of [[Panathinaikos FC|Panathinaikos Football Club]] was written. Panathinaikos having defeated great football clubs of Europe played against the fantastic team of Ajax F.C. in the final of the European Champions' Cup in the Wembley Stadium. Panathinaikos had a good performance but eventually lost by 2 to 0. Regardless of the outcome of the match, the recollection of that unforgetable day remains, and it still does, vivid in all the "green" fans' minds.
Thirty thousand Ajax fans travelled to London for the match. Ajax had never before gone this far in the European competition. They had reached their second European Cup Final in [[1971]].

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