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Roberto Agueropolis

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[[Image:File:Roberto Agueropolis Panathinaikos FC 1980.jpeg|thumb|250px|Roberto Agueropolis]]
[[Image:Roberto Agueropolis Panathinaikos FC.jpeg|thumb|250px|Roberto Agueropolis]]
'''Roberto Néstor Agueropolis''' (Greek: Ρομπέρτο Αγουερόπολις) (born [[March 30]], [[1954]] in Rosario) is an Argentine former [[football (soccer) |football]] player who played as a defender.
He played for Newell's Old Boys (1975-1976), San Martín de Tucumán (1977-1977), Newell's Old Boys (1978-1980), [[Panathinaikos FC|Panathinaikos]] (1980-1982) and [[Rodos FC|Rodos]] (1982-1983).

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