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Stellakis Perpiniadis

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'''Stellakis Perpiniadis''' was a Greek [[Rebetiko]] singer and song-writer.

He was born on the island of [[Tinos]], in [[1899]], but at an early age was taken by his parents to live first in [[Alexandria]], Egypt and then [[Constantinople]].
When the Greek Army landed in [[Asia Minor]] in [[1919]], Perpiniadis joined up and fought in the [[Greco-Turkish War (1919 - 1922)]].

After the [[Asia Minor Disaster]], he moved to [[Greece]] and settled in [[Piraeus]]. A religious man, he sang at his local church as a cantor. His friends urged him to make singing a professional career and, in [[1929]], his musical career began under the wings of [[Panagiotis Toundas]].

Perpiniadis recorded an impressive 400+ songs in his career which spanned five decades. He died on [[September 4]], [[1977]] in [[Athens]].

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