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History of Kalamata
*The city is the capital and port of the [[Messinia prefecture]].
*It has 44,052 inhabitants.
*A ferryboat links the port with [[Gytheion]], [[Kythira]], and [[Crete]].
*The city has daily flights to [[Athens]].
Kalamata first emerged as a city of political significance during Frankish rule.
In [[1459]] it came under [[Ottoman Empire|Ottoman rule]]. From [[1685]] to [[1715]] it was under the Venetians. It then returned to Ottoman rule until its liberation.
The liberation of the Greek nation from Turkish rule in [[1821]] began in the historic Apostles chapel, located in 23rd March Square. The chapel dates back to [[1317]].
On 23rd of [[March23]], [[1821]], Kalamata was became the first city to be liberated from the Turkish occupation rule during the Greek [[War of as much as over 300 yearsIndependence]]. It was in Kalamata that the first government met, the first national printing house was established, and the first newspaper of the new state was printed.
It was in Kalamata that Later during the first government metwar, the first national printing house was established, and the first newspaper of the new state was printed.  In in [[1825]], [[Ibrahim Pasha]] recaptured and destroyed the city during the Greek war of independence. After this, Kalamata was rebuilt and became one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean sea. It is not surprising that the 2nd oldest Chamber of Commerce in the Mediterranean, after that of Marseille, exists in Kalamata. After [[World War II]], and due to political issues, Kalamata, as well as most of the [[Peloponnese]], was excluded from the government development plans, in favour of north Greece instead. That was a major strike blow on the local economy, resulting in the decline of the port and hence the city. During 70s the [[1970s]] and the 80s[[1980s]], development and growth in Kalamata were words from worlds away, slow and only after the city suffered severe damage from the earthquakes of September [[1986]], did the local authorities and individuals strained their financial resources to bring a wind of change to the forgotten capital of Messinia. Due to these efforts, Kalamata has now fully recovered and developed into a modern provincial capital, with all facilities and amenities, as well as one of the most modern hospitals in Greece.
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