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Eftychia Papayiannopoulou

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She was born Eftychia Hadjigeorgiou in [[Aydini]], [[Asia Minor]], in [[1893]] and left for Greece in [[1922]] after the [[Asia Minor Disaster]].
Though possessing a teacher's diploma, she never taught in Greece. From [[1926]] until [[1942]] she tried her hand in acting and afterwards, from [[1949]] until her death in January [[1972]], she wrote poems, many of which became mega-hit songs.
Unfortunately, as an "amateur" in a world of professionals, Eftychia Papayiannopoulou was often robbed of credit for her lyrics. Many composers, singers, song writers would buy her poems for a few hundred drachmas - the equivalent of a week's wages for low-paid labourers - and present them as their own.
*Μου σπάσανε τον μπαγλαμά - They broke my [[Baglama]]
*Γκουλμπαχάρ - Gulbahar
*Απ' τα ψηλά στα χαμηλά - From the high to low
*Ρίξε στο γυαλί φαρμάκι - Throw some poison in my glass
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