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Benizelos Rouphos

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'''Benizelos Rouphos''' (Greek Μπενιζέλος Ρούφος) was a [[Greece|Greek]] politician and Prime Minister.

Rouphos was born in [[Patra]] in [[1795]], a scion of the wealthy Rouphos-Kanakaris family. He was the son of [[Athanasios Kanakaris]] who fought during the Greek [[War of Independence]].

During the rule of [[Ioannis Kapodistrias]], Rouphos became governor of [[Elia]]. Later he would also serve as Foreign Minister.

In [[1855]], Rouphos was elected Mayor of Patra, a post he held for three years. When [[King Otto]] of [[Greece]] was exiled in [[1860]], Rouphos became one of three viceroys - along with [[Konstantinos Kanaris]] and [[Dimitrios Voulgaris]] - that held power from [[October 10]], [[1860]] until [[October 19]], [[1863]].

Rouphos served twice as Prime Minister of Greece. He died in [[1868]]

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