Apostolos Arsakis

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Apostolos Arsakis also Apostolo Arsachi (Greek Αποστολος Αρσακης): National Benefactor, Medical Doctor and Politician.

Apostolos Arsakis was born January the 6th, 1797, in Kotakovo, Epirus and died 1874 in Bucharest.

After some studies in Bucharest and Vienna, he studied Medicine in Germany (University of Halle) obtaining his PhD in 1813.

In 1814, he settled in Bucharest, where he married and where his daughter, Elena Arsakis, (1821 - 1876) was born. In 1822, he joined Grigori IV Ghyka, Prince of Wallachia, and 1857 he was elected member of Parlament. A few years later, after Romania became independent, he was appointed Foreign Minister (1860) and subsequently he served as Prime Miniser of Romania for a short period of time. In 1870, he witness the marriage of his daughter Elena to the Prince Grigori Cantakouzino (1829-1902). After his death, large part of his wealth were given, as per will, to "Friends of Education Society" to complete the institution known as "Arsakio"[1].


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