April 23

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  • 1848: An attempt is made on the life of Konstantinos Mousouros, Ottoman Ambassador to Greece.
  • 1910: 25 men and women farmers are indicted for the bloody events of March 6 at Kileler.
  • 1941: King George II and the Greek Government flee to Crete as the Germans march towards Athens.
  • 1944: The revolt of Greek leftist troops in Alexandria is put down by force.
  • 1956: EOKA fighter, Iakovos Patatsos, is arrested in Lefkosia for the murder of PC Nihat Basif.
  • 1979: Nikos Sampson is temporarilly released from prison for health reasons.
  • 2003: Greek Cypriots are allowed to visit the occupied North for the first time since 1974. Turkish Cypriots are allowed to visit the South.





  • Saint George (traditional; should the day fall within Holy Lent, it is celebrated on Easter Monday)