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August 30


  • 1916: Greek officers in Thessaloniki rebel against the monarchist government in Athens and form the government of the National Defence Movement.
  • 1923: Italian forces bombard and occupy Corfu in retaliation for the death of a kidnapped Italian general by bandits. 20 Greeks die in the bombardment.
  • 1926: A major earthquake (7.2 on the Richter scale) strikes Sparta and the surrounding area.
  • 1930: The future Patriarch Athenagoras is appointed Archbishop of North and South America, a diocese deeply divided along political lines.
  • 1974: An unsuccessful attempt is made on the life of Dr. Vasos Lyssaridis, a Cypriot politician.


  • 1992: Greek football authorities adopt the 3 points for a win in an attempt to make football more attack-minded. The new system - an idea of the legendary BBC commentator Jimmy Hill - was first introduced in England in 1981.