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*[[917]]: Patrirch [[Euthymius I of Constantinople]]
*[[1921]]: [[Dimitrios Rallis]], politician and Prime Minister
*[[1921]]: [[Dimitrios Rallis]], politician and Prime Minister
*[[2020]]: [[Agathon Iakovidis]], musician

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  • 1909: The Ottoman government demands that Greece condemn the Cretan revolt. The Greek government replies that its position on the matter has been "exemplary".
  • 1917: The city centre of Thessaloniki is destroyed by a fire.
  • 1929: Spyros Mercouris is elected Mayor of Athens.
  • 1949: Yugoslavia decides to return some 11,300 children that were forcibly expatriated from Greece during the Greek Civil War.
  • 1973 - Three people were killed and 55 wounded after two Arab gunmen opened fire and threw grenades into a crowded passenger lounge at Athens airport.


  • 1962: Vasilis Syllis breaks the Greek record for the 400m with a 47.70 performance. The record will stand for 8 years.