Battle of Kaliakouda

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The Battle of Kaliakouda was fought in 1823 during the Greek War of Independence.

After inflicting heavy losses on Ottoman forces at the Battle of Kefalovryso, Greeks took up defensive positions in the Kaliakouda mountains of Evritania, western Rumeli.

The Greeks were led by Kostas Botsaris - brother of Markos who had been killed at Kefalovryso - Zygouris Tzavelas and other kapetanei.

On August 28, 1823, the Ottomans under Mustai Pasha of Skodra and Djelaleddin Bey, attacked. The Greeks held their positions and repelled the attacks throughout that day. They were reinforced during the battle by local kapetanios Nikos Kontoyiannis and his 1,000 men.

When the battle broke off, some Greeks advised a night attack, similar to the one that had been successful at Kefalovryso. Zygouris Tzavelas saw no need for it as he thought their defensive positions were impenetrable anyway.

The following day, the Ottomans attacked again and were repelled once more. However, during the battle, 400 Ottomans managed to find an unguarded path through the mountains and came upon the defenders from the rear. In the ensuing battle, 150 Greeks were killed including kapetanei Zygouris Tzavelas, Nikos Kontoyiannis, Dimos Kitsios and Kastaniotis. The rest managed to break through the enemy lines and regroup at Mesolonghi.

The Ottoman casualties amounted to 2,000 dead.


After this battle, the way to Mesolonghi lay open for the Ottoman army who managed to unite with the forces of Omer Vrioni on September 17.