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[[Category:Battles of Greece|Pogradec]]
[[Category:Battles of Greece|Pogradec]]
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The Battle of Pogradec was fought during World War II between the Greek and Italian armies.

The battle commenced when Greek units of the 3rd Army Corps, on the offensive, attacked Italian positions on November 27, 1940.

On November 28, the Greeks captured Mt. Bregu Bari Kuqit, opening a wedge between the Italian troops. Another success on Hill 1244 forced the Italians to abandon the extreme left of the line forming a new line on November 30. The Greeks entered Pogradec on the same day.

On December 3, the Greek army launched yet another attack against the Italian Arezzo division and broke their lines, forcing the Italians to retreat towards Elbasan.

The Battle of Pogradec cost the Greeks 3,000 dead.


The Battle of Pogradec was fought well northeast of where the bulk of the fighting was taking place during the Greco-Italian conflict. Victory by the Greek army forced the Italians to retreat north so as to avoid encirclement and total defeat. This led to the capture of most of Northern Epirus by Greece.