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[[Category:1795 births|Rouphos, Benizelos]]
[[Category:1795 births|Rouphos, Benizelos]]
[[Category:1868 deaths|Rouphos, Benizelos]]
[[Category:1868 deaths|Rouphos, Benizelos]]
[[Category:Prime Ministers of Greece|Rouphos, Benizelos]]

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Benizelos Rouphos (Greek Μπενιζέλος Ρούφος) was a Greek politician and Prime Minister.

Rouphos was born in Patra in 1795, a scion of the wealthy Rouphos-Kanakaris family. He was the son of Athanasios Kanakaris who fought during the Greek War of Independence.

During the rule of Ioannis Kapodistrias, Rouphos became governor of Elia. Later he would also serve as Foreign Minister.

In 1855, Rouphos was elected Mayor of Patra, a post he held for three years. When King Otto of Greece was exiled in 1860, Rouphos became one of three viceroys - along with Konstantinos Kanaris and Dimitrios Voulgaris - that held power from October 10, 1860 until October 19, 1863.

Rouphos served twice as Prime Minister of Greece. He died in 1868