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Callimachi (Greek: Καλλιμακης). Noble, respected and very successful Greek Phanariot family that produced scholars, high ranging officials, Governors and numerous Voivodes (Princes) of Wallachia and Moldavia.

The name "Callimachi" derives from two Greek words. There are two options: If the name was ({{Greek Language|Greek]]: Καλλιμαχης), it derives from (Callos - Machitis -> Callo-machos-> Callimachis), (Greek: "Καλλος -Μαχιτης" -> "Kallo-μαχος" -> Καλλιμαχης). If the name was (Greek: Καλλιμακης), it derives from (Callos -Gerassimos -> Callos - Gerassi-Makis --> Callos - Makis) --> Callimakis). The Romanians claim that the name was Calmasul and that the "Callimachi" family descent from the Calmasul family and that they were Moldavian - Greek Phanariots[1]. True or wishful thinking? The word Calmasul does not sound Greek and it is difficult to justify a name change from Calmasul (around 1650), to Callimachi (after 1750), when taking into account that the Calmasul family was strong and produced two Princess. The Callimachi family is more common in Romania today than it is in Greece.

Family Members

Alexandros Callimachi, Governor of Samos 1850-1854

Ioan Callimachi. Prince of Moldavia 1758-1761

Gregory Callimachi. Prince of Moldavia 1761-1764 & 1767-1769

Alexandru Callimachi. Prince of Moldavia 1795-1799

Scarlat Callimachi. Prince of Moldavia 1806 , 1807-1810, 1812-1819 & Prince of Wallachia 1821.