Christos Tsaganeas

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Christos Tsaganeas, Dinos Eliopoulos and Gelly Mavropoulou in the 1962 movie "The master's wife" (I Kyria tou Kyriou - Η Κυρία του Κυρίου).

Christos Tsaganeas was a theatrical and silver screen actor. He was born in Braila, Romania, on July 2, 1906. He appeared in numerous movies. His most well known part is that of a college director in the movie "Beating Came out of Paradise" (Το ξύλο βγήκε απο τον Παράδεισο - To ksilo vgike apo ton Paradiso), starring opposite Aliki Vougiouklaki. His memorable punchline from the movie was "of course, of course" (βεβαίως, βεβαίως).

Christos Tsaganeas was the second husband of actress Nitsa Tsaganea.

He died on July 2, 1976.